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It Started With a Letter (One Shot)

“Throw the letter, Allie!” Kelly yelled over the blaring music.

“Yeah! Throw it!” Kate agreed.

“What? You’re crazy! I can’t throw it that far!” you yelled back to your friends. You guys were in the best place ever. A One Direction concert. Four rows back. Close enough to see each of the boys, causing your heart to pound and your breaths to quicken every time any one of them came close to you.

“Then give it to me!” Kelly suggested over the music. You took a look at the letter, where Niall was written across the front. It was simply folded into fourths, and on the inside, you had poured your heart out onto the paper.


The chances of you getting this are slim, and the chances of you reading it are even slimmer. But still, I decided that I had to take this chance. Live while you’re young, right? The worst that can happen is someone will read it and just deem me a crazy fangirl.

But Niall, you inspire me. I love you for doing what you love, and showing others that dreams do come true. And this is going to sound weird, I know, but I just want to be your friend. And then see where it goes from there.

Seeing your views of women and how they should be treated makes me hope that there is a man like that out there for me. A girl can dream, yeah? You and the other boys have helped me through some major self-esteem issues. Thank you. Thank you for what you do. Keep it up.

I hope someday you find your Princess. She’ll be a lucky lady.

Love ,

Allie N. Row Four, Seat 17.

You took a deep breath and nodded to Kelly, handing the letter to her. She stood up on her seat, causing you and Kate both to step closer and steady her legs. Kelly curled her arm back and then flicked her wrist, sending the folded paper spinning through the air. You watched in disbelief as the paper slid across the stage, landing at Zayn’s feet. You screamed louder than you thought was possible, and as soon as Kelly hopped down, you hugged her as tight as possible before turning to look back at the stage.

The boys were talking. But, for the first time that night, you weren’t hanging off every word they said. You watched as Zayn kicked the letter unknowingly, Liam stepping on it, then Harry falling and managing to see it. Louis picked it up, smirked cheekily, and tossed it to Niall.

Your breath caught in your throat as he stepped back by the drums, opened the letter, and began to read. You watched his lips move along as he read quietly to himself – you could understand every word. After all, you had that letter memorized.

 “Oi! What’s it say, mate?” Harry asked, and Niall’s grin grew as he finished the letter. He looked up toward your row – toward you no doubt. “You aren’t going to read it to us?”

“Nope! It’s private!” Niall replied and folded the letter again, the way it had been, and then put it in his pocket. Your heart was pounding loudly in your chest, and you were vaguely aware of Kate and Kelly slapping your arm as they screamed as well.

You watched as Niall hopped down to sit on the edge of the stage and hand the letter to one of the security men. He pointed to something on the paper and slapped the man’s shoulder before standing, a smirk on his face. Your heart stopped as the security guard disappeared into a sea of black suits and Aviators. Were you in trouble? Were they going to kick you out for being mentally unstable? Oh. My. God.

You voiced these fears to your friends, who shook their heads. “I bet he’s coming to sweep you away off your feet!” Kelly teased. You laughed nervously and fiddled with your One Direction t-shirt.

After about ten minutes, you sort of forgot that security was after you. It was in the middle of “I Want”, that you felt a strong hand on your shoulder. “Allie?”

You turned toward the gruff voice, literally looking up at a man who towered high above you. “Y-yes,” you squeaked. “Can I help you?”

“You need to come with me, Miss.” He replied simply. You nodded numbly and followed him, leaving Kelly and Kate behind to wonder what was happening. You walked out of the show area, into a hallway. The man was silent, so were you.

He led you down a hall into a room with a couch. “Wait here.” He said gruffly, so you threw yourself onto the couch. You leaned down and situated your skinny jeans over your Converse and then tied them. You were anxious.

About ten minutes later, your phone buzzed in your back pocket. It was Kelly. I don’t know where you are! But Niall just left the stage!

Your heart skipped a beat. Then the door opened. And there he was.

He was sweaty and breathing a bit heavily, but that same smirk from before was on his face. “Hi,” he said softly as he stepped into the room and shut the door behind him.

“Hi,” you replied in shock, standing up. Something drew you guys together, and soon he was hugging you.

“I liked your letter,” he whispered in your ear, the warmth sending a chill down your spine.

“Thanks for reading it,” you whispered back, stepping away from him.

“So, let’s sit and talk a bit, yeah, Allie?” Niall asked, taking your hand and leading you back to the couch.

Talking turned to telling stories, which turned into comforting cuddles, which turned into lazy kisses, which turned into a makeout session. After what seemed like just minutes, but was probably about an hour, Niall looked at his watch in a break between your kisses.

“You know, I really love being with you, but I gotta get going for the Meet and Greet…Can I catch you after?” he asked almost shyly.

You grinned and nodded. “Of course. Should I stay here?”

“Yeah.” He nodded. “Were you here with anyone?” he asked. You tensed as you realized that Kelly and Kate were still waiting on you.

“Yeah! My two best friends, I’m giving them a ride back to our hotel,” you told him.

“Well tell them to go see management and that they’ll get sent back here. I’ll be back with the boys later.” He said. And then he was gone.

In a daze, you called Kelly, and soon they were joining you in this mysterious room. You hurriedly recounted the events of the past hour, and they fangirled with you while you were constantly touching at your raw lips.

Then the three of you sat on the couch and waited for the boys, reapplying makeup and asking “Do I look okay?”

You guys must have dozed off, because next thing you remember, you were hearing a distinct giggle and a soft voice whispering, “What do we do with them?”

You opened your eyes and carefully rubbed your eyes, sitting up. There was Niall, kneeling in front of you with that damned smirk still in place. “Hi, sleepy head,” he teased. “Nice nap?”

“What time is it?” you mumbled, shaking Kelly and Kate.

“About one. The Meet and Greet went long,” Niall said softly, standing up as Kate and Kelly sat up.

“Oh my god.” Kelly gasped.

“Hi guys!” Kate grinned.

“Hi!” the boys all said in unison, and soon hugs were going all around, you ending up in Niall’s arms with your back pressed to his chest.

“I’m Kelly,” your best friend said, and Liam smiled at her charmingly.

“And I’m Kate,” Kate added, looking in Louis’ direction.

“And I’m hungry. Shall we go get some food?” Niall asked, causing everyone to laugh.

The night was wonderful. You all went to Denny’s and hung out until the sun came up. Then the boys had a chauffer drive you all back to your hotel, and you quietly swapped numbers with Niall, and he promised to text you with a small kiss on the cheek.

When you guys got out of the car, Niall took your hand, causing you to turn around. “Goodbye, Allie. I’m glad you came out tonight.”

“I’m glad you read the letter,” you replied softly, blushing a bit. Then Kelly pulled you away, and Liam gave you a sorry look before closing the van door.

You couldn’t hear what Harry asked Niall, but Niall looked out the window and shook his head, looking a bit sad. You both waved to each other as the car drove away, and then Kelly and Kate were screaming in your ear as they dragged you into the hotel. 

~~~ Three Months Later ~~~

“And here in the studio with us, we have the lads of One Direction!” the radio announcer cheered, and you grinned. You were watching the radio interview through Live Stream. Over the last three months, you and Niall had grown inseparable, and just last week you came out to the media about your relationship. So, obviously, it was a hot topic in the interview.

“We’ve been tweeted over and over to ask about Nallie. How is that? Wanna tell the story?” the interviewer asked first off. You grinned as you watched Niall shift in his seat, a goofy grin on his face as he leaned into the microphone.

“Well, you see, it started with a letter she threw on the stage…”